Bravo! Food To Go

ANTIPASTO STUFFED CHERRY TOMATOES - Stuffed with marinated Italian meats and cheeses 1.10

SMOKED SALMON ROSES - On mini bagels with red onion and cream cheese 2.00

CURRIED CHICKEN BITES - Mini croissants stuffed with a mild curried chicken and apple salad 2.00

MELON AND PROSCIUTTO - Fresh melon pieces wrapped in thin slices of Italian prosciutto ham 1.10

CURRIED CHICKEN AND PEANUT KABOBS - Served with teriyaki dip 1.75

TEN-INCH BRAVO! PIZZAS - A variety of unique wood roasted thin crust pies; cut into appetizer portions - starting at 11.00

BAKED PHYLLO DOUGH TRIANGLES - Stuffed with crab, ricotta cheese and herbs 1.10

COCKTAIL MEATBALLS - Baked and simmered in our homemade barbecue sauce 1.00

BAKED MUSHROOM CAPS - Italian sausage, bread crumbs and garlic butter baked in fresh mushrooms 1.25

FRIED RISOTTO BALLS - with wild mushrooms and parmesan 1.50

PREMIUM CHEESE COLLECTION - Soft brie, aged parmesan, sweet gorgonzola, mild cheddar and borsin cheeses accompanied with fresh grapes, berries, mango chutney and buttery crackers 45.00

RAW VEGETABLE TRAY - The day's freshest vegetables served with dill and herb dip 34.95

ARTICHOKE MOUSSE - One pint of artichoke mousse served in a rye bread round Served with Italian flat bread 22.95

FRESH FRUIT - Fresh seasonal melons and berries 39.95

ANTIPASTO TRAY - A classic sampling of pepperoni, salami, capicola ham, mozzarella cheese, olives, pepperoncini peppers, green onions, marinated calamari, marinated artichokes, roasted red pepper strips Served with rosemary flat bread 49.95

SHRIMP COCKTAIL 30 large peeled shrimp with cocktail sauce 49.95

BRAVO! BREWER'S GRAIN BRERAD Our original recipe baked fresh daily Each 24 inch loaf serves 8-10 Available sliced or unsliced 4.00

BUTTER CUPS - 12 2.50


PIZZA DOUGH Uncooked ten-inch disk 5.00

CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP Made with parmesan cheese and white wine -  Pint 11.00 Quart 17.00

SEASONAL SOUP - Pint 9.00 Quart 15.00

GARDEN CREAMY OREGANO- Pint 7.00  Quart 12.00

CAESAR - Pint 7.00 Quart 12.00

HONEY MUSTARD Pint 7.00 Quart 12.00


GORGONZOLA BLUE CHEESE Pint 7.00 Quart 12.00

CREAMY GARLIC Pint 7.00 Quart 12.00

BRAVO! GARDEN SALAD - Crisp greens, mushrooms, cheese, croutons and creamy garlic dressing 3.00

BRAVO! SIGNATURE SALAD - Mixed greens, goat cheese, dried cranberries, parmesan croutons with balsamic vinaigrette 3.25

CAESAR SALAD - Romaine lettuce, croutons, olives, parmesan and Bravo! Caesar dressing 3.00

CHILLED ASPARAGUS - Marinated in balsamic vinegar and topped with gorgonzola and red peppers - Seasonal availability 3.00



FRESH FRUIT - Fresh fruit tossed with chopped mint 8.00

PASTA PRIMAVERA - Multi-color pasta, fresh vegetables, olives, and Italian viniagrette 6.00

BROCCOLI SALAD - wuth bacon, onion,raisins and sweet vinegar dressing 6.00

CURRIED CHICKEN SALAD - Chicken breast meat with apples, curry, celery, mayonnaise and a touch of honey 11.00



Specialty Cold Sandwiches

MINI SPICED ITALIAN -  Salami, pepperoni, capacola ham, mozzarella cheese, pepperoncinis, lettuce and vinaigrette on focaccia bread 3.25

MINI HAM AND CHEDDAR - Sliced ham with aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard on focaccia bread 3.00

PORTABELLA MUSHROOM OPEN FACE SANDWICH - Servedchilled on silver dolllar roll with with sundried tomato pesto and mixed greens 3.25

PORK LOIN OPEN FACE SANDWICH - Served chilled on silver dollar roll with pineapple and onion chutney 3.50

BEEF TENDERLOIN OPEN FACE SANDWICH - Served chilled on silver dollar roll with pesto mayonaisse  4.00

ROSEMARY ENCRUSTED ROAST PORK LOIN - Sliced and served with Dijon mustard and Chianti reduction sauce 8.50

BEEF BOURGUIGNON - Beef tips simmered in red wine sauce with bacon, herbs, carrots, onion and mushrooms 11.95

ROAST SLICED TENDERLOIN OF BEEF - Herb encrusted and served with creamy horseradish and caraway seed sauce (5 oz. per person) 16.95

SHRIMP SCAMPI - Sauteed with garlic herb butter, tomatoes and tossed with linguini 13.95

EGGPLANT PARMESAN - Breaded fresh eggplant rounds baked with mozzarella and Bravo! marinara sauce 5.95

CHICKEN WITH ARTICHOKES & LINGUINI - White wine shallot and cream sauce simmered with cut chicken breasts and quartered artichoke hearts 8.50

STUFFED PASTA SHELLS - Filled with ricotta, Parmesan cheese, and vegetables. Served with Bravo! marinara sauce (4 large shells) 6.95

GRILLED LEMON CHICKEN - Marinated chicken breast grilled and topped with our Italian tomato-basil salsa over linguini 8.95

ORIENTAL MARINATED SALMON - Grilled and topped with spiced mustard glaze on a bed of Bok Choy slaw 12.95

BAKED RATATOUILLE - Squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and garlic baked with parmesan cheese 2.50

FRESH GREEN BEANS - , Sauteed in butter with shallots 2.00

BABY CARROTS - Sauteed and honey glazed 2.00

RICE PILAF - Cooked in chicken stock with onions and spice 1.50

RED SKIN POTATOES - Simmered in butter 2.50

LINGUINI - Tossed with butter 1.50

GRILLED MIXED VEGETABLES - Squash, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, served chilled 2.50

BRAVO! LASAGNA Layers of homemade pasta with italian sausage, ground beef, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan cheese and Bravo! marinara sauce 75.00 / 37.50

VEGETABLE LASAGNA Homemade vegetarian pasta with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, marinara sauce and grilled vegetables75.00 / 37.50

WHITE LASAGNA Chicken, ham, artichokes and parmesan Cream sauce between layers of pasta and cheese 85.00 / 42.50



ASSORTED MINI PASTRIES Finger-size carrot cake, cheesecake, and white chocolate mousse tarts (25 pieces serves approximately 10 guests) 36.95

SEASONAL CHEESECAKE Ask about today's selection (10-inch cake cuts into 12 portions) 36.95

CARROT CAKE With cream cheese and pecan frosting (10-inch cake cuts into 12 portions) 29.95

MORAT TORTE Moist chocolate cake with a white chocolate mousse layer and whipped cream frosting (10-inch cake cuts into 12 portions) 29.95

WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE With raspberry sauce (1 quart serves approximately 5 guests) 19.50

LEMON SQUARES Our house-made bars with fresh lemon zest (one dozen 2-inch squares) 12.95

BRAVO! BROWNIE BARS Double rich dark chocolate bars dusted with powdered sugar (one dozen 2-inch squares) 12.95



Specialty Cakes
9" Morat Torte $ 29.95
(Chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse filling and
whipped cream icing)

Round cakes by size/count
6" (4 – 6 servings) $16.95
8" (10 – 12 servings) $ 24.95
9" (12 – 14 servings) $ 29.95
10" (16 – 18 servings) $ 34.95
12" (25 – 30 servings) $ 49.95
14" (35 – 40 servings) $ 59.95
Tiered cakes by size/count
10" & 6" (25 – 30 servings) $ 79.95
12" & 8" (50 – 60 servings) $ 149.95
Larger tiered cakes can be purchased by scheduling a
consultation with the pastry chef.
Sheet cakes by size/count
1/4 sheet (20 servings) $ 34.95
1/2 sheet (35 – 40 servings) $ 59.95
Cake Flavors
Chocolate Carrot White
Other flavors available upon request
Cake fillings
White Chocolate Mousse
Bavarian cream
Cream cheese
Peanut butter mousse
Dark Chocolate mousse
Lemon Cream
Frosting Flavors
Whipped cream
Chocolate buttercream
Cream cheese
4 days Advanced Notice Needed 
Writing is included in the price.
Cakes are two layers of cake with one layer of filling.
Cakes are decorated with fresh fruit and mint, except carrot cake
which has frosting carrots and nuts.
Cakes can be decorated with personal decorations provided by the
customer (fresh flowers, themed decorations, cake toppers, etc.)
Frosting Flowers can be used if provided by the customer only.
Cakes may be purchased for in house reservations or carry-out.