Bravo! Cocktail Parties

For details on room minimums, deposits and guaranteed number of guests please see our banquet contract. Deposits will be applied to the final bill

(serves 10 guests)

Shrimp Cocktail Tray — 30 large chilled shrimp with cocktail sauce $49.95

Antipasto Tray — Italian meats, cheeses, calamari, olives, pesto melon and prosciutto, artichokes, peppercini peppers, rosemary flatbread $49.95

Premium Cheese Collection — Soft brie, aged Parmesan, sweet Gorgonzola, mild cheddar and Borsin cheeses accompanied with fresh grapes, berries, mango chutney and buttery crackers $45.00

Vegetable Tray — Crisp vegetables served with herb dip in whole wheat bread round $34.95

Fresh Fruit Tray — Fresh seasonal melons and berries $39.95

Artichoke Mousse — One pint of Artichoke mousse served in a rye round with rosemary flat bread $22.95

Cocktail Appetizers

(30 piece minimum order)

Beef Tenderloin Open Face Sandwich — Thinly sliced and served with silver dollar rolls and pesto mayonnaise $4.00 each

Porkloin Open Face Sandwich — Served on silver dollar rounds and pineapple chutney $3.50 each

Phyllo Dough Triangles — Stuffed with crab and cheese $1.10 each

Smoked Salmon  On mini bagels with cream cheese $2.25 each

Fried Risotto Balls – Served with wild mushrooms and parmesan $1.50 each

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes — With diced Italian meats and cheeses $1.10

Mini Cocktail Meatballs  Simmered in barbecue sauce $1.00 each (to be served hot)

Mini Curried Chicken Croissants — Stuffed with apple and chicken salad $2.00 each

Stuffed Mushroom Caps — With spiced Italian sausage $1.25 each

Melon & Prosciutto Ham — Ham Fresh melon wrapped in Italian ham $1.10 each

Curried Chicken & Peanut Kabobs — Served chilled on skewers with teriyaki dip $1.75 each

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