Team Bravo! Exploring the Food & Wine Classic In Aspen 2016

Quotes From The Food & Wine Classic In Aspen

  • “I wasn’t 100% sober” – Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • “Merlot is Cabernet without the pain.” – Mark Oldman
  • “Cooking is like a dog, it senses fear, don’t be afraid.” – Anne Burrell
  • “It was never the knife’s fault.” – Daniel Bouloud
  • “The secret of good cooking is, first, having a love for it.” – James Beard
  • “Since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with grace and gusto.” – MFK Fisher
  • “Always use virgin olive oil, there are no degrees of virginity. You either are or you’re not.” – Anne Burrell
  • “Let’s Make America Taste Great Again.” – Marcus Samuelson
  • “If you don’t retox, you can’t detox”?
  • “If it ain’t broke, break it” – Chef Graham Elliot
  • “The Acidity in wine keeps your mouth watering.” – Bobby Stuckey
  • “Tannins in wines do not go well with Cheese.” – Laura Werlin
  • “I always put something special in my food, my heart.” – Nobu Matsuhisa
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